Archer Sales Company, the precursor to PEER Chain, opened between 1942-1944. We know that our Uncle Oscar sent a telegram to Grandpa Nate Spungen at the storefront location from a post on the German front during WWII.




Grandpa Nate Spungen and his partner at the time standing in front of Archer Sales at 1931 South State Street in Chicago




Nate’s sons, Laurence and Kenneth, start to import ball bearings from Japan around December 1960 under the brand name “PEER”. During this time, industrial chain was being sold by their sales force.




PEER Chain was incorporated on July 9, 1969 as a separate division under the PEER umbrella which soon added several industrial-related companies as well. All companies were based out of 1818 South Wabash in Chicago.




The four cousins (left to right) Glenn, Jeffrey, Danny and Charles, sit together, unknowing that they will be the future of PEER Chain.




Laurence was a pioneer in exploring business options in China when he and his wife Florence climbed the Great Wall. PEER Chain develops a solid foundation of supply from Taiwan.




All PEER Companies moved their offices and warehouse to Wheeling, IL.




Danny Spungen’s first trip to China and Taiwan.




Glenn Spungen’s first trip to China and Taiwan.




Laurence begins building his first manufacturing facility in Xingchang, Zhejiang, China, which was completed in 1997. PEER Chain begins to explore options in Thailand.




After 20 years in Wheeling, IL, the PEER companies move all operations to Waukegan, IL. PEER Chain moved into a 155,000 square foot complex in 2001.


Through 2007


PEER Chain enjoys rapid growth domestically and internationally (Mexico, Argentina, England and Czech Republic). The Spungen’s continue to have factories built in Argentina, Lithuania and Thailand! Attempts in Vietnam were interesting but resulted in an “educational experience”!




The Spungen family sells their flagship bearing company, but retains other divisions including PEER Chain.


October 1, 2012


Glenn Spungen joins his brother Danny and cousins Charles and Jeffrey and becomes President of PEER Chain. Photo (left to right): Glenn, Jeffrey, Danny and Charles.


January 1, 2014


Uncle Linc, PEER Chain’s Loyal Ambassador is introduced to employees and customers along with a fresh, new image that reflects the passion, product genius, over-the-top service and the WOW Solution that the Spungen family and loyal employees have always strived for. Learn more




After consulting with numerous industry experts, PEER Chain decided to begin stocking millions of dollars’ worth of attachment chains. Just one step further in our promise that “Family Keeps You Running!”




Dogs have been a big part of the PEER Chain culture for years, so it was with great happiness that we saw Uncle Linc formally adopted Sparky Sprocket to be his faithful canine companion in 2017. Additionally, PEER Chain greatly increased the number of standard roller chain sprockets we stocked for quick shipping. Learn more




Happy Retirement Uncle Linc and Sparky! It’s been a wild and fun ride, but it’s time for Uncle Linc and Sparky to leave Waukegan, IL, and head for the tropical islands of the south. They have been with PEER Chain since 2013 and now are ready to live where the sun is always out and the snow doesn’t hit.